Att skriva dansen och dansa skriften (To write dance and to dance writing) is a interdisciplinary investigatory collaboration project initiated and run by Författarcentrum Väst in Gothenburg. The project starts in September 2019 and deals with the choreography of text using dance and the written word as the starting point, asking questions like. “How can we work with queer perspectives and gender perspectives sin a dialogue between dance and writing?”.

The project includes authors from the western parts of Sweden, England, Norway and Iceland, plus Danskompaniet Spinn. Att skriva dansen och dansa skriften is a cooperation between Författarcentrum Väst, UNESCO City of Literature in Reykjavik and New Writing North in Newcastle as well as Norsk Forfattersentrum, Oslo.

Already on October 14th you have the chance to get a glimpse of the project during a lunch concert at Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg. Here Hagakyrkan will form a space for a concert filled with words, notes and movements in undreamt-of combinations. In the room, an organ player, Danskompaniet Spinn and the author’s new texts meet. Participants are Benjamin Kjell – organ player, Annika Vestel – dancer, Felicia Sparrström – dansare, Izabell Makiela – dancer, Veera Suvalo Grimberg – choreographer, Tone Helly-Hansen – reading.

The performance is part of Göteborg International Organ Festival. It’s free of charge and the soup cost 40 sek.

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