Spinn is participating in Dansa mitt liv, an initiative for elderly people with disabilities. Through the process of workshops, the goal is to create a digital application with movement and music, to be used by staff at various nursing homes. In June last year the first workshop took place, and on February 4 it’s time for the second. A team consisting of physiotherapists and staff at nursing homes will be led by Spinns artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg with help from dancers Emilia Wärff and Felicia Sparrström. The goal is to find creative methods for working outdoors and the benefits of using props.

Dansa mitt liv is initiated by the association Sverige Berättar, with support from Allmänna Arvsfonden. The intent is to increase life standard for elderly people with disabilities, and Spinn is really happy to be able to contribute to this fantastic project!

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