SpinnVäxa is inclusive dance groups for children, youth and adults with and without disabilities.

Image from dance workshop for children with dancers from Spinn. Photo: Maja Blomqvist


In SpinnVäxa, the dancers meet on equal terms in dance groups divided by age. We work from each individual’s unique possibilities, evolving both as individuals and as a group. Our approach towards dance education is simple, and we let curiosity and exploration guide our work forward. We strive for a participatory approach in our classes and we regard the participants as co-creators. We learn to cooperate and be part of a group, while simultaneously training movement, strength, concentration, balance, artistic expression and much more. Our dance technique comes from natural movement patterns, we explore different dance styles, using a wide variety of music. SpinnVäxa is an inclusive dance education where there’s room for all types of bodies and people with and without disabilities. Our aim is that everybody should be able to develop within the art of dance.

The work with SpinnVäxa is done in collaboration with Studieförbundet Bilda and is funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden.

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Jenny Sandgren Wahlström, Director
Phone +46 (0) 739 25 24 02
Email jenny.sandgren@bilda.nu

Classes Spr-18

Information about our spring classes coming soon.