Hello Hannah, tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Hannah, obviously, and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is also where I base most of my work. I live with an amazing family, and I have an equally amazing community of friends. In my free time I listen to a lot of audio books, most recently 1984 by George Orwell – historically a very interesting book to have read, but not a personal favorite. I also like to spend time with embroidery, which more often than not results in various ironic carpe diem-motives. I have a tendency o get stuck with games on my phone a little longer than what’s good for me, and on Saturdays I usually listen to Melodikrysset on P4, but so far I haven’t managed to win the much coveted first price award (which is a bath towel). I’m a stubborn person with a lot of patience. I’m calm, and usually don’t say more than what I think is necessary. And I’m funny!

What do you have cooking up in the near future?
There’s quite a lot of stuff happening with Spinn, with coming performances and workshops. I also dance in other projects and constellations with choreographers such as Olof Persson, Gun Lund and Mari Vittradotter. Hopefully we will be able to play some of the performances that were planned for last year sometime in the summer or next fall. I also run my own projects both as dancer and choreographer, for example in collaboration with Kolgruvan at Ringön, and a few other potential co-labs which haven’t been confirmed and so I can’t really reveal any more about at the moment!

What does dance mean to you?
In short – dance is everything to me. It’s my way of putting words on the things I can’t find words for, both as a creator and a spectator. It gives, and it takes, in a way that nothing else does. It devours me and disputes me. Movement and the art of dance make life important and large.

Have you seen any good movies or TV shows lately?
Apache is a really good series. It’s a moving story based on real events, so beautiful and so tragic at once, and really well made. And – a guilty pleasure: Gift vid första ögonkastet on SVT! I just think it’s so nice, and there’s a new season out now!

Finally – what do you like to eat on a Friday night?
It can vary a bit! But it needs to be something easy, since I’m usually pretty tired on Friday nights. But hit me up with a nice cheese and some condiments, a bag of chips and a glass of dry white wine, and I’m all set!

Portrait image in semi-profile of dancer Hannah Karlsson, standing leaning against a stone wall wearing a light yellow hat.

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