We are so sorry to have to inform you about this. But since our dancer Aristide Rontini, who are part of the ensemble for Skirtpower, lives in northern Italy we have – in the light of the Corona virus and the Italian national quarantine – unfortunately been forced to cancel the Skirtpower performances that were to take place during March. This concerns the performances at gummifabriken in Värnamo and our guest performance at Teater Sláva in Huddinge.

With the situation that we are in now and with the increased risk of spreading the virus, it just became impossible for us to carry through with these performances, both on a practical level, but also from a moral standpoint. We are so incredibly sorry about this and we will of course do our utmost to reschedule these performances for a later occasion. Refunds for purchased tickets are done through each respective venues ticket office.

So now we will send some good thoughts to those who have been affected by this. Let’s make sure to take care of each other, and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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