Next week, August 23-24, we’re going to Helsinki to take part in the festival Kehärata Tanssii organized by Yhteisö Tanssii Ry where we will present the performance Kurvatur, give a workshop and take part in a seminar about community dance.

Thursday the 23 we are invited to be part of a seminar on community dance and youths that’s held at The Theatre Museum at Kabelfabriken in Helsinki. The seminar is arranged by Tanssin Talo and Yhteisö Tanssii Ry and we will talk about community dance in west Sweden at 12.45-13.30 and also take part in the following panel discussion at 14.55-16.00. Registration for the seminar is done at the Tanssin Talos website. And then, at 18.00-19.30 Spinn presents Kurvatur as part of the opening of the festival, that takes place at Helsinki central station.

On Friday the 24, from 10.00-12.00 we’re holding a workshop for professional dancers lead by Veera Suvalo Grimberg along with dancers Emilia Wärff and Malin Rönnerman. The workshop, which is a collaboration with Zodiak Ry, is entitled Lika eller olika? (Different or Alike?) and is a humor filled workshop giving the participants the necessary tools to work in the community dance field. The workshop takes place at Kabelfabriken, C-stair, Zodiak studio C4 and registration is done at theTanssin Talos website. At 16.00-17.00 we are once again presenting Kurvatur, this time at the Dickursby Station Bridge (Dixi).

Image from the performance Kurvatur. Photo: Ismo Helén

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