Image for the performance Miramos. The image depicts from left to right the four characters Sol, Kryp, Pinne, Slange. They are wearing one-colored costumes in red, purple, turquoise green and blue. Sol and Kryp are in the background cheering on Pinne. In the foreground Slange is sitting on Pinne’s back. Photo: Lina Ikse

Recorded audio description Miramos

As part of our work on making what we do more accessible in order to reach an even wider group of people with our performances, we have now started work on developing a recorded audio description for the performance Miramos.

Audio description is mostly only available on select occasions. It is also often quite costly for the presenter and it entails extra efforts to arrange. With a recorded audio description we increase the accessibility in that we can offer this at every single performance. This means that anyone can choose freely when they want to experience the performance, given of course that there is someone who can accompany at the venue.

We have therefore initiated a collaboration with Audiosyn. Audiosyn’s role is to – in dialogue with us in Spinn and with the help of an external reference group – develop the manuscript and to read, record and edit the final script. Our tour technician Jonathan Fischhaber will be responsible for the technical issues. Our ambition is to also include research within the field of audio description.

Within this project, it is of major importance to anchor the work with the audiences that the project concern, as we want to include their expertise and their experiences. We are therefore creating a reference group consisting of people with visual impairments and with people with experiences from audio description in performing arts.

The inspiration behind this work comes from Malmö-based Teater23 who have developed methods regarding recorded audio description.

If the experiences we gain from this project are positive – which we think and hope – and we manage to develop an audio description that works well with the artistic content, we will continue the work to always be able to offer audio description in connection to our performances, regardless of what audiences we meet. As a next step, our wish is to also share the method to other artists and organizations in performing arts in Sweden and internationally.

The ambition is to have a finished recording ready for use during early spring 2021.

The project is funded by Västra Götalandsregionen.


During fall 2020/winter 2021, we’re working with Audiosyn to develop a recorded audio description for the performance Miramos. The audio description will be available from early spring 2021.

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