Spinn visits Gothenburg art museum

Bilden är tagen utomhus. På bilden syns fyra dansare som utför en improviserad dans med och mot gallergrindar järn. I bakgrunden syns den grå stenbyggnaden som grindarna sitter på.

On Oct. 15 you can take part in Danskompaniet Spinn’s popular Spinnout at Gothenburg’s Art Museum. Join the dancers on an improvised dance adventure that starts outside the museum and continues among the paintings and sculptures. Spinnout is open to everyone and starts at 12 noon and lasts for 20 minutes.

Spinn has done Spinnout on numerous occasions in different cities and different weather. On Örebro’s snow-covered streets, Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary at Rain Catwalk in Frihamnen and in the end of September at Gothenburg’s Art Museum, but no Spinnout is the same. So a warmly welcome on Sunday to a performance occasion that will never come again.


During the day, Spinn also gives the workshop Lika värde. A dance workshop with the theme of the equal value of people as a starting point. We dance based on our own conditions, do exercises at different tempos and we have time for reflection. In this way, we create increased understanding both for ourselves and for other people. You are welcome, whoever you are.

Time and place of the workshop Lika värde:

Time: 12:30-1:30 p.m

Location: The Wonderful Color Exhibition. Gothenburg colorism in a new light Equal Value is aimed at children aged 7-9 + their families. To register for the workshop, write to konstmuseet@kultur.goteborg.se

Here you will find information about the museum’s availability

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