Sunday September 5 the time has finally come for the premiere of our new performance Moby Dick!

A year later than planned, we are now increadibly happy to premiere Moby Dick as part of this year’s edition of Italian festival Oriente Occidente Dance Festival in Rovereto on September 5 at 8:30 pm.

In a wordless landscape, we let the stillness carry us forward and wash over us with a deafening silence. We wait. For courage, for something new. For the spark that will make the body’s rhythm explode and then find peace.

Moby Dick is created by acclaimed Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani who, during the last couple of years, has gained great success with her solo piece Gentle Unicorn. On stage we meet dancers Hannah Karlsson, Felicia Sparrström, Annika Vestel and Britta Kangas. With stunning lighting design by Emily Lavebäck and with music that is as dreamy as it is suggestive, Moby Dick is more of a place and a state of mind. A performance with absolute presence, existing in the borderlands between dance and installation.

Moby Dick is a co-production with Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and Dansnät Sverige. Part of the performance was created during a residency at Vara Konserthus during spring 2021.

In the foreground lies a dancer with her legs to the left and her upper body to the right. She has braided red hair and are looking down at the floor. In the background to the left sits a dance out of focus next to a bright spotlight. In the background to the right we see the legs and parts of the arms of a person. The picture is dark and light is reflected on the shiny floor. Photo: Polina Ulianova

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