Tanzmesse 2020 was to take place at the end of August. But with so many other things, this year’s edition was cancelled due to the current situation in the world. Spinn were supposed to present the performance Miramos at the Swedish pavilion as part of the initiative Swedish Dance.

Swedish Dance presents dance from Sweden, directed towards an international audience and presented at international festivals and gatherings for performing arts. In 2020 the project was supposed to be made in the form of public showings at Internationale tanzmesse in Düsseldorf, Germany. The initiative is a cooperation between the nation spread organisations Danscentrum Stockholm, West, North and South.

Information about the choreographers and companies that were to participate at Swedish Dance can be found at www.swedishdance.org. An we of course hope to be able to participate live the next time Tanzmesse and Swedish Dance takes place!

Image for the performance Miramos. The image depicts from left to right the four characters Sol, Kryp, Pinne, Slange. They are wearing one-colored costumes in red, purple, turquoise green and blue. Sol and Kryp are in the background cheering on Pinne. In the foreground Slange is sitting on Pinne’s back. Photo: Lina Ikse

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