Denna sida upp - new premiere at Göteborgs Kulturkalas

Denna sida upp – new premiere at Göteborgs Kulturkalas

Welcome to the new premiere of Denna sida upp – – a performance about Swedish goodwill. The new premiere takes place in the Kronhuset’s entrance, on 1 September at 18.00.

Based on her own experiences, and with the tongs at the ready, Emilia tells a somewhat abstract and absurd story about the Swedish model. This page up is a performance where function becomes form, where the everyday range of the aid center is elevated, displaced and transformed into something dreamy, unlikely and also beautiful. All to musician and composer Anna Gustavsson’s playful and rhythmic music.

Audio description is given live by Eli Tistelö 5.30-6.00 pm

The performance is arranged during Gothenburg’s Kulturkalas and admission is free.

The motion depicts a person with red hair sitting with their back to us, wearing a mustard yellow shirt. In their hand holds a yellow gripper. In the gripper is a lit match above a candle. Photo: Lars Dyrendom


18:00 - 18:45

Kronhusgatan 1D

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