The time has finally come to once again present our children’s performance Miramos! Monday and Tuesday November 2-3 we’re visiting Folkets Hus in Olofström to present four performances for school classes, and we are longing so much to meet all those wonderful children.

About Miramos
In Miramos we meet four unusual creatures who are on a visit to our blue-green planet. They investigate our world with curiosity and fascination. But where do they come from and what are they actually doing here?

Read more about Miramos here!

Image for the performance Miramos. The image depicts from left to right the four characters Sol, Kryp, Pinne, Slange. They are wearing one-colored costumes in red, purple, turquoise green and blue. Sol and Kryp are in the background cheering on Pinne. In the foreground Slange is sitting on Pinne’s back. Photo: Lina Ikse

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