On April 4th at 09.30 we finally premiere our new performance Miramos by Torgunn Wold! The performance is presented in Stora salen at Frölunda kulturhus both 09.30 and 11.00. It’s best suited for children ages 6-9 and adults who’ve chosen to affirm their inner child, but naturally everybody is welcome, just the way you are!

In Miramos we meet four unusual creatures who are on a visit to our blue-green planet. They investigate our world with curiosity and fascination. But where do they come from and what are they actually doing here? Miramos lets us in on a magical and playful journey outside of time, amongst colours, shapes and imagination. We experience the beauty and fragility of nature, and know that all living things on Earth belong together and need each other.

On the stage you meet Spinn’s dancers Izabell Makiela and Felicia Sparrström who are joined by guest dancers Annika Vestel and Britta Kangas.

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Read more about the performance here.

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