As way of making the art accessible when more and more people chose to stay at home and when the big venues are closed, a couple of weeks ago Spinn – along with 13 musicians from Göteborgs Symfoniker – made a recorded version of Relaxed performance from last October, at the main stage of Göteborgs Konserhus. And now the film is done and has been made available over at GSOplay! So chose a comfy place at home and enjoy sounds, movements and poems by Sayam Chortip and Kent Holm. From Spinn you will see Tone Helly-Hansen and Veera Suvalo Grimberg along dancers Izabell Makiela, Felicia Sparrström and Adam Henriksson.

Click here to see the performance!

Image from Relaxed Performance at Göteborgs Konserthus.

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