On May 10th and 11th we’re presenting the performance Skirtpower at the main stage at Folkteatern, making this the Gothenburg premiere for this gem of a performance!

Earlier this year Skirtpower took home the award for “Sensory Orgasm of the Year” the 2019 edition of Scenkonstgalan 2019 in Gothenburg. From the jury’s motivation:

“A piece that activates our senses. It vibrates, we tremble. Our pupils dilate and close in time with the pulsing lights, in time with the pounding of the music and the movements of the bodies. A liberating dance that reminds us to give our bodies the room they need to be fantastic, and not to let anything stop us.”

Skirtpower is about the skirt as an ambiguous symbol of our society’s view on our bodies. About different codes for masculinity and femininity and expressions of sexuality. That the skirt, throughout history, has been a garment communicating masculinity and power, but how today it’s so clearly a feminine garment. Skirtpower is a study on forbidden bodies and movements in skirt, about sexuality and power. And about tenderness.

Skirtpower is presented on Friday May 10th at 19.00 and on Saturday May 11th at 18.00.
Tickets are between 140-230 sek/each.

Read more and book your ticket at Folkteatern’s website!

Already on May 3rd you’ll be able to get a taste of the music from Skirtpower when Lisen Rylander Löve – who has both written the music and also performs it live during the performance – has a release party for her new solo album Oceans, containing music from Skirtpower. It’s free entrance and more information can be found at Atalante’s website or in the Facebook event.

Image for the performance Skirtpower. Photo: Chrisander Brun

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