Denna sida upp performs at Spinnstudion

Next week it’s time for Spinns new performance to meet the audience again when Spinn’s dancer Emilia Wärff presents her solo performance Denna sida upp. Using her own experiences as the starting point, and with the gripper at hand, Emilia tells a story about the Swedish model that’s both abstract and absurd. Denna sida upp is a performance where function becomes form, where the Aid Central’s everyday selection is elevated, shifted, and transformed into something dreamy, headstrong, and beautiful. All of it to the rhythmic and playful music of musician and composer Anna Gustavsson.
During Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s performances, we have the pleasure of offering audio description live with visual interpreter Eli Tistelö.

The seats are free of charge, but the number of seats are limited.
To book your seat send an email to

The performance take place at
Spinnsstudion, Järntorget 7, Göteborg

Tuesday 28 mars at 1 pm – audio description in headphones
Wednesday 29 mars at 2 pm – audio description in speakers
Thursday 30 mars at 3 pm – no audio description

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The image depicts a person with red hair sitting with the back towards us, wearing a mustard-yellow shirt. In their hand is a yellow gripper holding a lit match above a stearic candle. Photo: Lars Dyrendom

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