The duet Doris&Lo, choreographed by Tanja Eloranta, is presented as part of Hälsoveckan at Dalheimers hus in Gothenburg, Friday January 26 at 13:30. The piece features dancers Hannah Karlsson and Emilia Wärff, with music by José A. Luque-Osuna.

Doris&Lo is a tender look at the process of aging and an exploration of bodies in decay. Your back is scrunching, the knees ache and your steps grow shorter and shorter. The body is meant to carry us through life. But what happens when the body fails us, when we run out of energy? Your hands tremble, your heart tremble, time passes. To watch another watching you and seeing yourself.

Image of one of the masks used in the performance Doris&Lo. Photo: Mireille Leblanc

In May 2015, Spinn started a new collaboration with Finnish choreographer Tanja Eloranta. Together with dancers Emilia Wärff and Hannah Karlsson, Tanja has created a dance and mask-theatre duet. The piece was premiered in October 2015 at Masque Festival, which is an international mask festival in Helsinki. Doris&Lo has also been shown at Scenkonstgalan at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. The inspiration for Doris&Lo comes from mask maker Antero Poppius’ masks.

In connection to the performance, Spinn will also give a workshop.

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