Summer is over, the schools are starting and the autumn term is here. For many, starting a new term means that it’s time to explore and register for a number of extra leisure activities and cultural experiences. But the harsh truth is that not everyone can take part in what’s on offer. If you cannot use your legs properly and are having trouble getting around without a wheelchair, then a lot of these leisure activities are closed off to you due to inaccessible premises. If you have a hard time concentrating, receiving instructions or communicate then a few more options are closed off to you. If you have vision or hearing impairment, yet more options are closed off. This is not the way it should be, and this is something we want to change.

We in Danskompaniet Spinn long for a society and a cultural world that is open to everyone, regardless of any disabilities. In order to enable more people to take part in dance education, in 2014 we started SpinnVäxa along with Studieförbundet Bilda.

Image of SpinnVäxa, Spring 2017

We want more people to meet across boundaries and across limitations based on disabilities. We believe in and long for meetings where we learn from each other and together. We believe diversity makes us grow. We thing different is exciting, and we see how this leads to massive creativity and a desire to create. We believe that, when we’ve reached the point where we see each other’s differences as opportunities instead of difficulties, we can create something unique and new together.

Image of SpinnVäxa, Spring 2017

SpinnVäxa is inclusive dance groups for children, youth and adults with and without disabilities. In SpinnVäxa, the dancers meet on equal terms in dance groups divided by age. We work from each individual’s unique possibilities, evolving both as individuals and as a group. Our aim is that everybody, regardless of disabilities, should be able to develop within the art of dance.

This autumn’s dance classes are about to start!
Read more about SpinnVäxa and how to register here on our web site. If you have any questions, just send an email to

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